Schumacher CAT SX Review

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History - Build - Features - Track Test - Conclusion

A Little History

schumacher cat timeline1986 – Northampton, England. Cecil Schumacher, a motorsport engineer, along with his team (notably Phil Booth who and still is chief designer) at Schumacher Racing Products create their first 1/10th scale off-road racing buggy.

1987 – Romsey, England. Masami Hirosaka of Japan races this buggy and claims the win at the very first IFMAR World Championships for 1/10th scale off-road.

A legend was born. This legend is C.A.T.

The Schumacher C.A.T. (Competition All Terrain) is undoubtedly one of the most successful lines of 4wd 1/10th scale buggy. The various CAT models over the past two decades (see timeline) have seen not only the World Championship victory, but also multiple European Championship victories and probably countless National and other wins.

Doom and gloom. At the start of this decade the tenth off-road market was seeing a decline. The largest world-wide portion of this market, two-wheel drive, was being dominated by the American companies and Schumacher left them to it. Four-wheel drive was already a smaller section, and with this in mind Schumacher left off-road completely in 2005. Also to blame were the attractive touring car market where Schumacher were seeing great success (and still are) and the hobby/fun market.

Schumacher CAT XLS    Schumacher CAT 2000    Schumacher CAT 3000

As with most things, it all swung around. The tenth off-road market soon picked up and is seeing a nice return to popularity across the world. There has been some remarkable progress and innovation with plenty of new companies and cars, but this time all in the four-wheel drive sector. Schumacher took notice and teased the market twice, with two prototypes for a CAT 4000. These were mainly a mix of touring car parts and old CAT parts. However, after driving tests these prototypes were pushed aside. Something completely new was required.

So... eight years after the CAT 3000 we finally have something new to look at, and boy has it been worth the wait! Innovation is something Schumacher have traditionally never been in short supply of, and this is something clearly visible and no exception with the CAT SX. What can a company that has been with the off-road market basically from the start, and have invented some of the most important concepts for the RC market such as ball-differentials, bring to the twenty-first century off-road market?  It’s time to delve a little deeper, and explore the fascinating Schumacher CAT SX.

History - Build - Features - Track Test - Conclusion